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We’re very happy to inform you about a new monthly partyconcept in Ghent ‘No Way Back’. This Saturday, the 12th, is the first edition with an incredible line-up! The guys from No Way Back invited both Tim Sweeney (from Beats In Space) and JG Wilkes (from Optimo Espacio)! The party is organised by resident dj’s Down+Out, who are better known as Garreth Mc Mullan and The Michael. Garreth did a mixtape to celebrite the first edition, which you can find here. Forthcoming guests on No Way Back are Todd Terje, Drop Out Orchestra and Jacques Renault. Their goal is to raise Ghent Nightlife to old hights. Well, it all looks very promising to us!


Sunday the 25th of April will be a day to remember, certainly for those who were lucky enough to be at the Subclub in Glasgow that night: it was the last Optimo ever, the famous weekly party by JG Wilkes & JD Twitch.

Optimo wasn’t just another clubnight but truly a celebration of music. But after more than 12 years they decided to end their weekly mayhems because they wanted to focus more on touring around the globe.

The last evening was recorded integrally and is available for download here. Expect a 7 hours set full of disco, house, rock, weird covers and other classic Optimo stuff. There isn’t a tracklist available but they played a lot of tracks from their Optimo 250 list.

Also look out for their forthcoming mix-cd for Fabric later on this month!