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We’re back in business after a, pretty long, summer break but we’ve got good news for y’all. We’re throwing another party: Tuesday the 19th of October is a date you should all mark in your agendas!

Like we promised on our first flyer we at Swingers Club would provide our parties with local heroes and national superstars. After 2 rather succesful editions that goal is almost (completely) achieved. We invited Belgian stars like Compuphonic, King DJ aka 4T4, Cook-E & Matik and young talents like Liss., Cauchy and Leroy (The latter even became co-host of our parties.)

For our 3th edition we go even further: our headliner is both a local hero and an (inter)national superstar. We’re talking about RAOUL LAMBERT of course! He knows the Rumba-dancefloor better than anyone else, he has an incredible eclectic record collection and he leaves everyone behind in terms of dj-skills. So that is briefly why he is our man for our 3th edition!

Also on the bill are MEN & MACHINES (Two dj’s, radioshow-hosts and party-organizers from Glasgow.) And you can already hear it, these guys breath music! Their parties are held in the heart of Glasgow at Stereo Club. They already played along dj’s as: Optimo, Serge Santiago, Pantha Du Prince and DFA acts like Shit Robot & Gavin Russom. So, we’re really proud to have them on their first visit to Belgium!

The line-up will be completed by our resident crew: KING & COUSIN, LEROY and TIBSON.

KING & COUSIN are the founders of Swingers Club and for this 3th edition they will open the night. They already played at events such as 10 Days Off & Laundry Day and in clubs like Libertine Supersport & Café Capital and their mixes were already broadcasted on Pure FM & Radio Scorpio. They will carefully select some smooth records to get y’all in the mood!

LEROY already played at every Swingers Club party and has become co-host of the party. At the time of our first party Leroy was barely 18 years old, but we saw a lot of potential in this guy! Today it seems that we’re not the only believers, even the people from Studay, a big open-air party in Antwerp acknowledge Leroy‘s good taste and great skills!

TIBSON is the newest Swingers-crew member. This 19 year old is maybe not the most experienced dj on the bill but he compensates that with a big dose of enthusiasm! Tibson is probably the most deep/tech-house oriënted dj of the crew, but his musical universe goes far beyond Detroit and Berlin, as he also likes to dig up some disco grooves from time to time. You’ll catch him behind the turntables in the early hours..




We played at the annual 10 Days Off festival in Ghent last Sunday. The Line-up of this 10 days during festival was again outstanding and very eclectic. We opened the 9th day in the Café, where later that night Andy Butler from Hercules And Love Affair did a dj-set. Andy played a lot of tracks from his new sidetracked compilation which was just released on Renaissance.

This was, as far as we can remember, our playlist:

  • Ytre Rymden Dansskola – Afterski
  • Motor City Drum Ensemble – Frontin’
  • Craig Smith & The Revenge – The Soul Part II
  • DJ Sprinkles – Grand Central Pt. 1 (MCDE Bassline Dub Mix)
  • Supersonic Lovers – Motor City Blues
  • Azari & III – Hungry For The Power
  • Tensnake – In The End (I Want You To Cry)
  • Nicolas Stefan – Closer
  • 4th Measure Men – 4 You
  • Radio Slave – Don’t You Know?
  • Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam
  • Arto Mwambé – Une Seule Nuit (Mix De Danse)
  • Directions – Busted Trees (Carl Craig Remix)
  • Runaway – Use Me
  • Photonz – No Fear
  • Morgan Geist – Detroit (C2Rmx1)
  • Andre Crom & Danito – Those Nights
  • Cajmere – Brighter Days (Underground Goodies Mix)
  • Tony Lionni – Found A Place
  • Visti & Meyland – Yes Maam (Trentemoller Remix)
  • Patrice Baümel – Javelin
  • Rejected – Let’s Go Juno (District One Remix)
  • Filippo Moscatello – Houz?
  • Milton Jackson – Crash
  • The Chain – Geo
  • Tomas Barfod & Fredski – March On Swan Lake
  • Vincenzo – Shonen Jump

At the end of the summer we’ll be also playing at Laundry Day, the last open air dj-festival of the season. The full line-up of the festival will be soon announced so keep an eye on their website.


The Summer Club is a new summer concept at K-Nal, Brussels, by the people behind Dirty Dancing and Anarchic. It is a place where you can relax, eat and drink in the evening, and where you can dance after 22h. It will be there whole summer long, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The music will be provided by dj’s like Cosy Mozzy, Compuphonic, Mugwump & Dirk Eskimo. So not the average bar dj’s but a selection of Belgium’s finest.

Tonight there will be a showcase of MVSC which is the new project from Montevideo, a Belgian rock band, and Compuphonic, an electronic producer who already released on labels such as Turbo and Freerange. Go and check them out if you can, they will also perform at Dour Festival and Ten Days Off later on this summer.

To end this post we’ve got again some old school goodies for you, the first is a 70’s synth anthem, the second is a funny Italo-Disco record: