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The last few months Instruments Of Rapture was responible for some of the hottest edits around. Part 5, by the hands of 6th Borough Project, has just arrived at the shops and is again a ‘winner’. It contains an incredible stretched-out version of Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch song ‘Closer Closer’ originally released in 1977. It’s been a while since we posted an old gem so this is the perfect occassion to offer you the original version. Enjoy!

Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch – Closer Closer [1977]



Do you like vocals? Most modern dj’s don’t, and we think that’s really a shame. We hope that 2010 will be the year that brings vocals and melodies back to the dancefloor. We are extremely looking forward to Aeroplane‘s first album, to more Tensnake 12 inches, to the liveshows of Holy Ghost! and hopefully to some surprising newcomers as well!

To celebrate the new decade we got two free downloads for you. The first one is a new, still unreleased, vocal track by Ali Love, formerly from Ignition. ‘Love Harder’ is his second single on Backyard and will be accompanied with remixes by Prins Thomas and Mighty Mouse. If you like this than certainly search for his current single ‘Diminishing Returns.’

Ali Love – Love Harder (Extended Version)

The second free download is a remix Azari & III recently did for Bot’ox. If you’ve been following our blog for a while you know who these two fresh Canadian producers are, they were responsible for two incredible hits in 2009: ‘Hungry For The Power’ and ‘Reckless With Your Love.’ You can download the Matias Aguayo & Cosmo Vitelli remix of ‘Hungry For The Power’ on Rcrdlbl by the way.
Special thanks to the nice guys from Backyard Recordings and Dinamo & Alixander from Azari & III for providing these tracks!

Bot’ox – Blue Steel (Azari & III Remix)

As an extra we’ve posted a youtube-video of Anthony And The Camp‘s ‘What I Like’, a classic Jellybean Benitez production that inspired Tensnake for his latest track, Coma Cat.


We already blogged about our fellow countrymen Villa a few months ago, the producers trio from Ghent. After their well anticipated Diva Edits they did a lot of remix work, which resulted in remixes for Ali Love, Magnus, The Golden Filter and Music Go Music.

The people from Rcrdllbl and Villa were so generous to put the Music Go Music remix up for free download. You can get it here! Expect a full Villa EP called ‘Immo Gianno’ in 2010!

Here is their Youtube clip of  their The Golden Filter‘s Thunderbird remix:

Also keep your eyes peeled for a new project by Cosy Mozzy & Andy Faisca, called Mustang, they just signed a record deal with Gomma. You can already listen to some of their productions on their myspace!


Croatian disco don Ilija Rudman has given us a remix he did for Eddy Meets Yannah on Compost Records. It’s already in the shops for quite some time now, but you can grab it here for free!

‘No Ones Gonna Love You’ is actually a cover of The S.O.S. Band, the original version was released in 1984.

As an extra we’ve got 2 mixes Ilija did for RBMA Radio, which you can find here:

Also check out our own Swingers Mix #01 which contains Ilija’s latest disco pearl ‘Two Faced Love’, one of our favourite disco records from 2009 so far!

special agent cooper

Lightspeed Recordings is a new Australian label focussing on disco and re-edits, they recently released their first EP ‘Let There Be Light’ by DJ Agent 86, who is a veteran in the Australian disco/house scene. He’s dj-ing for more than 20 years and did already support gigs for James Brown, Kraftwerk, The Rapture and many others. You can buy this 3-tracker on Juno download.

We’ve got permission to offer you one song of the EP ‘Magic’ and an exclusive remix of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall.


Villa is a new project of  Fredo & Thang. You might know them from their many other projects like: Pitch & Hold and Gameplay. The Ghent based dj’s team up with Jetset Hifi, a producer from Bruges. They already did a remix for Faunts, and now they’ll release an edit package on Mindless Boogie. Diva Edits are 3 edits by Villa and they’ll be available for free download as it is the 20th Mindless Boogie release. You can download the edits on their mini-site or here at our blog.

 ‘Tina’ is an edit of Tina Turner’s ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’, from her Private Dancer album released in 1984. Agneta is ofcourse Agneta Faltskog (from Abba) with the in 1983 released ‘Wrap Your Arms Around Me’. Anita, the third song, is an edit of Anita Meyer’s ‘Why Tell Me, Why’. Slow Motion Disco sleaze for a warm bitchy.. beachy summer!

You’ll probably hear more from Villa in the near future, they also did a cover of Beats Of Love together with The New Sins.

DJ Bobby Ewing - 3000

DJ Bobby Ewing aka Jimmy Dewit is the second Belgian dj who gave us permission to post some of his productions. He’s the main mix master of Discobar Galaxie and also one half of Shameboy. In 2008 he made an album called “30:00” and we were allowed to post all the 5 parts of this epic masterpiece. The album was made for the city of Leuven and it’s actually the same concept as the “45:33” album of LCD Soundsystem. It’s one long track divided in several parts made for a running project. We especially like Part 4 which is a spaced-out mid tempo track with trancy synths on top of it, very epic! But all tracks are really great, that’s the reason why we asked Jim to post this, because in our opinion it didn’t really got the attention it deserved!

Also check out the Discobar Galaxie Radioshow on Studio Brussel, every Friday from 9 untill 11 pm. And speaking of “45:33” by LCD Soundsystem, there will be a huge remix pack coming out later this year on DFA Records with remixes by Prins Thomas, Runaway and many others!