Do you sometimes feel the desire to go back in time? Going back to the times that dancemusic was still pure. Going back to the times that House music was still a feeling. Well Café Capital is taking you back!

The nightclub in Antwerp is starting with a new concept which is called ‘Where were you?’, every week they’ll take you back to a legendary year in dancemusic’s history. The first night will take you back to 1987 That’s the year where we were born in, but besides that 1987 is ofcourse the year of Chicago House.

We’ve put two classic chi-house records online for your ears only. The first is one of our favorite house tracks of all time ‘Shake Your Body’, the second one is an extra long dub version ( more than 11 minutes so real earcandy for the music-nerds) of ‘Pleasure Control’ by On The House.

Jeanette ‘JT’ Thomas – Shake Your Body [1987]

On The House – Pleasure Control (Dub) [1986]

So, if these records don’t take you back to the Warehouse days of glory you certainly can use a good party. Check out Café Capital‘s website for more info or to submit your own musical suggestions of 1987.

We’ve got ourselfs some upcoming events too; a warming-up set at Libertine Supersport in Brussels on the 30th of January. We’re really excited about this because in the last few months they welcomed acts like Tensnake, Still Going, Jacques Renault, Shit Robot, Horse Meat Disco, Glass Candy, Mike Simonetti, and a lot more other great dj’s.

In February we’ll be playing at ‘One Year Diskett,’ a birthday party for Cook-E & Matik and Mot’s partyconcept in Ghent. They invited us together with two legendary Belgian dj’s, Cosy Mozzy and Bobby Ewing, and an international guest, Jesse Rose!

March will be special too because on Tuesday the 9th we’ll be hosting our second Swingers Club night in Leuven. We’ll announce the names soon, but all we can tell you right now is that we”ll be inviting two well respected Belgian dj’s and producers who both already released on a lot of international record labels! So keep an eye on our Swingers Club facebook page!

You can find more accurate and up to date information about our upcoming dj-sets on our myspace or of the gig-section on this blog.


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