Angelo Badalamenti

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Angelo Badalamenti is undoubtly one of our favorite composers of all time, especially when he teams up with the extraordinary David Lynch. The soundtrack of Twin Peaks is, at least for us, one of the best musical pieces in history, sometimes creepy, often jazzy and always very emotional.

We are writing about Angelo now because the Belgian magazine Knack has a special offer this week, you can buy a double cd with angelo’s work called “For The Record: Angelo Badalamenti” for only a few euro’s more together with their magazine. The songs are performed by the Brussels Philharmonic orchestra and conducted by the famous Dirk Brossé. This cd is certainly worth buying, as it is a compilation of a lot of different soundtracks by Badalamenti, although we prefer the original versions by the man himself.

If you don’t know Badalamenti or Twin Peaks you can view a sneak preview here; one of our favorite tv-moments (yes, again) of all time:

Wasn’t that great television? We’ve also uploaded two Badalamenti songs from the Twin Peaks OST from 1990.


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