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I’ve just found an article on Resident Advisor about warming-up dj’s and how important a good warm up set is for the development of a good clubnight. You can find it here. The article deals with the problem that many promoters don’t invest a lot of time and money in an opening act, while it is crucial to have a warming-up dj who is complementary with the headliner. Very interesting article, and one of the best we’ve read on RA so far!

To end this post we’ve got again 2 old school goodies for you who are both extremely actual. Especially the first one, Elias Rahbani’s Liza Liza, because it got edited recently by The Sexican on Golf Channel and by The Popular’s People Front on their last Edit EP: ‘Sample Pleasures Part 4.’  The Golf Channel edit already had a limited pressing of 120 pieces, but it will get a full release very soon! So don’t sleep on this (again!) The second track is the B-side on the original 12″ from 1978; From The Moon.

 We’ll be warming-up the crowd ourselfs Saturday 10th of October at Spark (Café Capital) before Mugwump. We’ll be dj-ing from 11pm untill 2am! You can find the poster above.


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