Villa is a new project of  Fredo & Thang. You might know them from their many other projects like: Pitch & Hold and Gameplay. The Ghent based dj’s team up with Jetset Hifi, a producer from Bruges. They already did a remix for Faunts, and now they’ll release an edit package on Mindless Boogie. Diva Edits are 3 edits by Villa and they’ll be available for free download as it is the 20th Mindless Boogie release. You can download the edits on their mini-site or here at our blog.

 ‘Tina’ is an edit of Tina Turner’s ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’, from her Private Dancer album released in 1984. Agneta is ofcourse Agneta Faltskog (from Abba) with the in 1983 released ‘Wrap Your Arms Around Me’. Anita, the third song, is an edit of Anita Meyer’s ‘Why Tell Me, Why’. Slow Motion Disco sleaze for a warm bitchy.. beachy summer!

You’ll probably hear more from Villa in the near future, they also did a cover of Beats Of Love together with The New Sins.

  1. G says:

    Good sober disco blog

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