The Italians Do It Better family is getting bigger again. The New Jersey based label runned by Mike Simonetti just released two more 12 inches and a full album. The 12 inches are from the hand of Premier Rang & Solange. The former is a new signing, the latter is a re-release of the Il Discotto classic ‘Robots Are Un-American’ from 1984. As an extra you’ll get a Dub version by Bottin on the B-side, who was responsible for the best IDIB release of the year so far with ‘No Static’. Both 12 inch records are limited to 750 copies worldwide, so don’t sleep on this. The Full album which is called ‘II’ is from the hand of Desire, a new project by Johnny Jewel from Chromatics and Glass Candy. Very promissing stuff, you can hear a few songs on their myspace-page.

To End this post we’ve got a video from Glass Candy‘s Digital Versicolor for you:


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