DJ Bobby Ewing - 3000

DJ Bobby Ewing aka Jimmy Dewit is the second Belgian dj who gave us permission to post some of his productions. He’s the main mix master of Discobar Galaxie and also one half of Shameboy. In 2008 he made an album called “30:00” and we were allowed to post all the 5 parts of this epic masterpiece. The album was made for the city of Leuven and it’s actually the same concept as the “45:33” album of LCD Soundsystem. It’s one long track divided in several parts made for a running project. We especially like Part 4 which is a spaced-out mid tempo track with trancy synths on top of it, very epic! But all tracks are really great, that’s the reason why we asked Jim to post this, because in our opinion it didn’t really got the attention it deserved!

Also check out the Discobar Galaxie Radioshow on Studio Brussel, every Friday from 9 untill 11 pm. And speaking of “45:33” by LCD Soundsystem, there will be a huge remix pack coming out later this year on DFA Records with remixes by Prins Thomas, Runaway and many others!


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