The Summer Club is a new summer concept at K-Nal, Brussels, by the people behind Dirty Dancing and Anarchic. It is a place where you can relax, eat and drink in the evening, and where you can dance after 22h. It will be there whole summer long, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The music will be provided by dj’s like Cosy Mozzy, Compuphonic, Mugwump & Dirk Eskimo. So not the average bar dj’s but a selection of Belgium’s finest.

Tonight there will be a showcase of MVSC which is the new project from Montevideo, a Belgian rock band, and Compuphonic, an electronic producer who already released on labels such as Turbo and Freerange. Go and check them out if you can, they will also perform at Dour Festival and Ten Days Off later on this summer.

To end this post we’ve got again some old school goodies for you, the first is a 70’s synth anthem, the second is a funny Italo-Disco record:



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